Cancellation Policy

In case of any discrepancy, we have the right to cancel any of the orders. A few reasons for cancellation from our end usually include limitation of the product in the inventory, error in pricing, error in product information, etc. We also have the right to check out for extra information of the customer to accept orders in a few cases. We make sure to notify you if in case your order is cancelled partially or completely or if in case any extra data is required to accept your order.

Once you place the order, it can be cancelled from your end before the order is accepted by the organization. On receiving the cancellation request for the *ready-for-shipping product, we make sure to refund the amount through the same mode of payment within 10 working days. In case of cancellation pre-dispatch, cancellation fees of 10% will be levied and the balance 90% will be refunded back to the account. Gold coin order cancellation is not allowed under any circumstance.

We don’t accept cancellations for Smart Buy (make-to-order) or customized jewellery products. In case the customer wants the money back or wants to exchange it with other product(s), making charges and stone charges of the ordered product will be deducted from the payment and the balance will be refunded back to the customer account within 15 working days or will be adjusted against the exchanged product(s).

If in case the amount is deducted from the customer's account and the transaction has failed, the same will be refunded back to your account within 72 working hours.