About us

Our store was started in the year 1984 by Mr.D ParamaSivam who hailed from a family that was in Oil business. He began his career in this industry at the lowest order as a worker in jewelry and rose to the level of the goldsmith. After years of tremendous exposure in gold and business, he then started his own venture as an effort to provide the customers with the best of services. Decades into a successful and happy customership, Mr.P Dhandapani the son of Mr. D ParamaSivam has renovated the business in the years 2008 and 2012.

In all these years Dhandapani Jewelers has always stood up to its customer's expectations and been around with the best reputation since its inauguration. Currently, Mr.P Dhandapani heads the entire operations. Through a single-minded focus on customer satisfaction, Dhandapani Jewellery soon became a household name in Ariyalur, gaining renown for the purity of its ornaments, wide choice of designs, and consistent customer delight.


Giving more delightful service to the customers with more enhanced quality and double the size of our current market. Ensuring our store is the first to be remembered in the jewellery market for special occasions.



To deliver the unmatched experience in shopping with us in terms of more enhanced quality, innovative designs, worth for the money, and constant customer support and satisfaction.



To serve all customer bases that to choose affordability and quality whilst acquiring their jewellery.