Saving Scheme Policy


  1. Under the scheme we have Rs.300 / -, Rs.500 / -, Rs.1000 / -, Rs.2000 / - & Rs.5000 / - per month installements for 15 consecutive months.
  2. After paying the scheme for 15 months, you can get gold jewelry in the 16th month with the bonus amount along with the amount you paid.
  3. Jewelry purchased under this scheme will have Making Charges and Wastage as per product as applicable.


  1. Under the SWARNA LAKSHMI scheme, from Rs.1000 / - to Rs.10000 / - could be paid monthly for 15 consecutive months (Rs.1000 / - or multiples of that amount only should be paid).
  2. After paying the scheme for 15 months, you can get gold jewelry in the 16th month with the benefits of the scheme for the amount you paid.
  3. The installment will be accounted as based on the market gold price of the day.
  4. Making Charges, Wastages, and GST is borne by the company for jewelry purchased under this scheme.
  5. Making Charges, Wastages, and GST will be levied on the value of excess gold weight than the scheme gold weight when purchasing under this scheme.
  6. Members are entitled to redeem the total weight of the gold credited to their account on maturity.
  7. No benefits apply to members who stop in the middle without paying monthly installments.

Common Terms & Conditions

  1. The plan has a 15-month installment.
  2. Members can use their registered login ID and password to make online payments.
  3. Customers who enroll in the online saving scheme will not receive a physical Smart-Card. If required they should come to our showroom and collect.
  4. Members are entitled to redeem their gold at our showroom as gold jewellery only.
  5. The monthly installment will be accepted at our showroom as well as through our website (
  6. One installment only will be collected from the 1st to the 30th of each month.
  7. Prepayment of installments and advancement of the maturity date are not permitted.
  8. Delay in payments will automatically extend the maturity date by the number of months delayed.
  9. The money you paid will not be refunded as cash for any circumstances.  

Note :

  • The successful payment transactions need to be processed in our ERP to replicate in the online system entry. It would take 48 Hrs or less.
  • Management reserves rights to alter, amend, modify, add or delete any of the terms and conditions from time to time.
  • The right to enrollment will be at the discretion of the management.
  • The conduct of the scheme is subject to the terms and policies laid down by the Central and/or State Government from time to time.

** Terms & Conditions Apply